About the authors

i may do most of the writing for a while, but really, this blog is setup for all of us. and that’s the point. it’s a place where any of us can come and write. so long as it’s relatively clean.

of course this page is to keep track of all of that. we have 20 something of us up in one head. and really, if it’s this hard for me to keep track, outsiders don’t have a chance.

so any of us can take a moment and type up a little bit about themselves. leave a bio for those wondering who is who. a nice way to keep it all in line really.

sophia: also called sophie. i’m the host of the system, and may eventually change that around a bit if there’s anyone willing. i’m autistic, i’ve borderline, bipolar, did, cptsd, anxiety disorder, panic disorder, cleithrophobia, agoraphobia, etc (no, i didn’t run out).