hello, and welcome to our little home on the internet. feel absolutely ¬†free to explore and see what we have around here. hopefully things will get put back together soon enough. or perhaps they’ll never be finished, who knows.

by the way, i’m sophia. i’m the hostess here in more than one way. i am after all the fronter of our system, making me something of a hostess for the time being.

but because of that, i often happen to be the main person out and thus do most of the writing and editing. and seeing as some of our members are a bit young to keep up with the writing it’s a bit of a necessity.

but as mentioned, we are a system. meaning we all share one body. and just because i’m hosting doesn’t make it “mine.” but there are about 20 others, if they wish to come out and type from time to time.

this blog is, after all, for all of us. hopefully their writing will be treated the same as anyone else’s.